Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You say it's your birthday?

The GGB is 36 today. But they say the 40s are the new 30s, therefore the 30s must be the new 20s, which means I'm only 26.

Nah. I like 36 more than 26. Granted, I wish I had the bod I did at 26, but I otherwise do not miss the insecurity, stupidity and general lack of "doneness" I had a decade ago. I needed to simmer for awhile to achieve my full flavor, and I think I'm just about right.

Meanwhile, the GGB has hit the motherlode in the Internet dating world. (And no, you cannot see my profile.) I discovered the secret is to hunt within your own species; that is, I went specifically looking for geeks. And they came looking for me. Note Exhibit A:

These arrived yesterday at my office from "R." Too early in the game to share with you all the gory details about R. Let's just say that he scored several points with the fleurs and with the angus filet mignon he fixed last night. And he got me installments III and IV of the Myst series. What a gent.


El Jefe Maximo said...

Angus Filed Mignon is right up there...although I'm more of a ribeye person. Never could make heads or tails of Myst though. Empire Earth is more my speed.

Tripp Hudgins said...

Well done on the fleurs.

And Happy Birthday.