Saturday, December 10, 2005

Next, we ban bad people

"Utopia is a small town in upstate New York; different zip code than the criminal courts building."

-- Steven Hill as "Adam Schiff" in Law & Order

UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei declared today that the 27,000 nuclear warheads in existence worldwide are "27,000 too many" and pondered: "The hard part is how do we create an environment in which nuclear weapons -- like slavery or genocide -- are regarded as a taboo and a historical anomaly?"

Oh, I don't know, Mr. ElBaradei, pass a law against bad people? And by the way, have you visited Sudan lately?

ElBaradei and a Japanese shared this year's Nobel Peace Prize, designated by Alfred Nobel in his will in 1895 to go to whoever had done most for the "abolition of standing armies." In other words, whoever has done the most to make the world more dangerous.

In a choice bit of unintended humor, ElBaradei said the world is "nowhere near that goal" of having no standing armies.

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