Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The NEW man in black

Ladies and gentlemen, as you well know, we now have an all-male Supreme Court. Judge Samuel Alito is now Justice Alito and ... excuse me ... this just in ...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is actually female.

My bad. But that's what the ACLU will do to you. (Get that woman a gift certificate to Sephora stat.)

Anyhoo ... going to watch the SOTU tonight with R, some pizza and R's home-brewed beer. Of course, the real fun won't happen until the Dems' post-address griping. I'm thinking R and I should play a drinking game and quaff every time the Dems say one of the following phrases:

"A woman's right to choose."
"Right-wing extremist."
"We support the troops, but ..."
"Running the Congress like the plantation." (Oops ... already taken.)

I'll be looped within five minutes.

1 comment:

Ike said...

You left out "We call for an end to partisanship..."