Monday, July 17, 2006

Blingblogging, part 2

Rich and I did Round 2 of The Great Engagement Ring Search on Saturday morning. Let me just say that if you happen to be in search of wedding bling, I highly recommend Zales at the Riverchase Galleria.

Rich is planning to pre-clear a few other bling vendors, but if none of those pan out, then we have a winner at Zales, and not just because they had beauties like the one pictured here.

  • The salespeople knew the difference between a princess cut and a hole in the ground.
  • They gave me a place to sit. (Okay ... that might be diva-esque of me, but I'm shopping for an engagement ring, not a pound of sirloin.)
  • The display case actually had useful information besides the names of the designers.
  • The rings all had their center stones mounted in them. I understand that you might not want your best diamonds on display for the general public to get their grubby hands on them, but looking at a setting with empty prongs and trying to visualize the final product is like looking at a house with the roof missing.
  • Their settings were the prettiest I'd seen and distinctly lacked that glitzy, cheap-feeling, overdone "Superbowl Ring" look, as Rich so aptly put it.

And the GGB is starting to rethink her idea of adding emeralds to the mix. Perhaps they weren't the best stones at one place we visited, but Rich's comment on the color: "Lime Kool Aid."


Rich said...

I don't know if a spangling of tiny diamond chips everywhere is suddenly "in" and GGB and I are just minimalist by comparison, but Zales had substantial rings, solid settings, and a cleanliness of line that she and I both go for. Elegance--you know.


Ike said...

One ring shall rule them all!


Matt said...

When My Amy and I were shopping, the "super bowl" rings were quite abundant. If you have not looked at the guy’s rings yet, be ready for a shock. I was offered rings that would make Mafioso blush. It is a conspiracy for higher commissions. Taste be hanged.

Atticus said...

I'm guessing I missed something important since last we spoke.