Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Self-reliance: What a concept!


The government is advising people that you cannot always expect the government to pull your arse out of harm's way:

New York Times: As Hurricane Season Looms, States Aim to Scare

"This save-yourselves approach comes after government agencies were overwhelmed by pleas for help after last year's storms and strongly criticized as not responding swiftly or thoroughly enough to the public need. Now, officials have said repeatedly, only the elderly, the poor and the disabled should count on the government to help them escape a hurricane or endure its immediate aftermath."

Now, if we can just instill this attitude on about 1,578 other issues, we'll be doing good.

(Hat tip: Drudge)

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Tim said...

Bravo! This is VERY much the kind of stuff I like to read. But I think self-reliance goes beyond this - for me, it's more about NOT relying on "free" services that actually cost immense amounts of taxpayer money, but on services that you can account for, pay for, and track the spending in.