Sunday, February 05, 2006

Waking up in the Matrix, part 2

From London's Daily Telegraph.

Muslim protests are incitement to murder, say Tories

The Conservatives last night called on the police to arrest militant Muslims who threatened Westerners with violence during protests in London over newspaper cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammed.

Good, good.

As fanatics - some dressed as suicide bombers - staged more protests yesterday, David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said the police should take action against what were clearly offences of incitement to murder.

Good again.

Mr Davis said last night: "Clearly some of these placards are incitement to violence and, indeed, incitement to murder - an extremely serious offence which the police must deal with and deal with quickly.

Ya think? But don't get your hopes up ...

Scotland Yard said a decision not to arrest protesters was taken because of public order fears.

Translation: We're impotent twits.

It confirmed that police had received more than 100 complaints from the public about the protesters' behaviour.

Only 100? What is the population of London, several million? Sheesh.

Yesterday, more than 1,000 demonstrators staged a second protest outside the embassy. The only arrests made were of two men found carrying cartoons of Mohammed. Police said they had been detained "to prevent a breach of the peace".

Unreal. Friggin' unreal.

On Friday police provided a motorcycle and helicopter escort for the protesters. Video cameras recorded the events.

Hopefully to help them identify the suspects later for a round of arrests and deportations, but I'm not holding my breath.

This is insane.

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