Monday, February 06, 2006

Pick a side, world

The ubiquitous They say that not all Muslims are radical, violent, fascist and bloodthirsty. And while I believe that is absolutely true, after the events of the past few weeks (and, for that matter, the past four decades), I also believe it is a moot point.

Let's face it: The fruitcake wing of Islam is in charge.

From the chaos in Palestine to Iran's saber-rattling to the frighteningly ridiculous backlash against cartoons, the face of Islam is getting increasingly ugly. Whether it's radical imams or street youth, the bullies are calling the shots. In places like Iran, they're the de juris powers that be. In places like England, they enjoy a de facto power that is getting more ominous every day. In fact, I don't think they care too much whether it's a Muslim or infidel in charge, as long as said infidel cowers to threats and intimidation and therefore lets the Muslims rule by proxy.

When you have protesters blatantly calling for a bloodbath in the streets of Great Britain -- and they've already bombed your country once -- and you give them a police escort rather than handcuffs and deportation, then the thugs are in charge and you shouldn't be surprised the next time they make good on their threats.

I mean, can you think of any other group possibly getting away with pubicly endorsing murder? Can you imagine the (rightful) shrieking if the protesters were calling for the extermination of blacks or gays or -- gasp! -- Muslims?

The Islamic doctrine of dhimmification is working right before our very eyes. When is the free world going to put its foot down and refuse to take orders from thugs? Who has to be murdered next? Which freedom is next to go? Are we going to say no when media offices are firebombed? What about when they start murdering priests and preachers and rabbis?

It's time to pick a side. The Muslims have thrown down the gauntlet. This is not about liking or hating Bush or agreeing or disagreeing with US foreign policy. Islam is currently being run by homicidal maniacs. We have two choices: capitulate or fight. Pick one.

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R said...

Exactly right. This is a clash of cultures, and so long as we in the West continue to appease we will suffer the fate of all appeasers and find ourselves wondering where our lovely civilization went.

I believe it will come to open, nation-on-nation armed conflict before too much longer, but Europe and Great Britain will have a hell of a time with insurrections from their own populations as a result of this sort of mollycoddling of would-be (and factual) murderers.