Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sweetness and light

Gosh, was that a bummer of a V-Day post yesterday or what?

As an antidote to all the ugliness going on in the world, I am cheerfully sipping on a Mountain Dew and listening to the bubblegum bliss of "Mmm-Bop" by Hanson. Sometimes you just gotta dive deep into the shallow end.

I finally got out of the house today and it's 70 degrees. Yeah! R. and I are planning an apres-work rendezvous at a restaurant somewhere. He was supposed to treat me to a home-cooked meal last night, but because I was puny we just had pizza and watched movies. R. has been quite attentive and sweet during my illness. He brought me Mexican and Chinese takeout when I was craving spicy food. For a man who has called me a fashion diva, he hasn't been repelled by limp, slept-in hair and no makeup. And he must have the constitution of an ox -- so far he hasn't caught whatever it is I'm fighting, and trust me, he's had ample opportunity.

So, happy Wednesday everyone.

1 comment:

R said...

The essence of true divahood transcends mere clothing or fashion. :-)