Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day (achoo!)

Hi, folks. Sorry for the dearth of posts, but the GGB is down with a cold or sumthin. But I'd like to wish all my readers -- especially R. -- a very happy Saint Valentine's Day.

Yeah ... with all the teddy bear and underwear ads, we often forget that this holiday rightly began to commemorate the martyrdom of a Christian saint. (The exact origins are a bit murky -- the Catholic Church recognizes three saints named Valentine or Valentinus.)

Which brings me to the War on Cartoons. If you think this is just about cartoons, you're on crack. "Hardline Hindus and radical Muslims" have recently taken out their rage on Valentine's Day in India, saying it's a decadent Western holiday that spreads immorality. Of course if they realized the Christian origins of Valentine's Day, there might really be a mob scene, considering the brutal treatment minority Christians get in many places in the world.

All to say that the War on Cartoons is not about cartoons -- it's about being Western. Whether you're just a Valentine card-giving, KFC-eating secular American or a devout Christian or Jew, a significant segment of the Islamic world just doesn't like you. You cannot be a non-Muslim and not offend them.

Chew on that while you munch on your chocolate candy today.

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