Friday, September 02, 2005

Note to the moonbats: Talk to the hand

A contingent of the unhinged Left is blaming Bush for pretty much the entire Hurricane Katrina catastrophe.

One particuarly repulsive person is refusing to give to hurricane relief efforts because he says the Red Staters elected Bush and put conservative policy in place that, according to him, is to blame, and therefore it's the Red States' problem, not his.

Never mind the inconvenient fact that the urban blacks who are suffering so badly in New Orleans more than likely voted Democratic, but what's the truth when you have an irrepressible urge to show your rectum to the whole world? I dare this guy to get a bullhorn and a boat, go down to the French Quarter and tell those people why he's not going to help out.

I'm not going to link to him or any other moonbat. I'm not going to name them. I'm not going to post comments on their blogs. Google them if you want to. I've already spent five minutes perusing their bile, and that was five minutes too long.

True Americans already have them figured out.