Friday, September 02, 2005

And now, a word from the lunatic Right

I was just waiting for something like this to happen.

The blogmaster of Eve's Apple reports that she received an interesting bit of e-mail from an outfit called Columbia Christians for Life. I'll summarize:

The e-mail includes a satellite shot of Katrina that, if you squint your eyes and hold your mouth correctly, somewhat resembles a fetus. (Just like the speckles on this wheat cracker I'm eating look like morse code for ELVIS IS ON MARS.) The conclusion? God is judging New Orleans for its high abortion rate. REPENT NOW!

I guess after the backwards-masking craze wore off, they had go lookin' for encoded messages somewhere.

The GGB is pro-life but largely agrees with pro-lifer Kathy at Relapsed Catholic:

This unattractive face of the pro-life movement is inadvertently responsible for the continuation of abortion, because most self-respecting, intelligent, mature people can't bring themselves to campaign side by side with them. [bold in the original]

At least Robertson and Falwell have, to my knowledge, managed to keep their pie holes shut.

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