Monday, August 22, 2005

We interrupt this blog for a brief rant

Actually, it's not my rant. This prime piece of rantism is courtesy of

Here’s my advice to Democrats: Stop with the national self-loathing, the nazi comparisons, the ridiculing of the red staters, the hatred of religion, the militant abortion rights, the incessant demands for raising taxes, the demonization of the Patriot Act, the petty refusal to confirm qualified judges and all the other mean-spirited garbage you’ve indulged in over the last 5 years. Just because you disagree with the president on tax relief or foreign policy doesn’t mean he’s a right wing Jesus fascist with dry drunk syndrome and the IQ of a chimp. Instead, recognize that the real fascists are Islamic, propose some realistic social programs that don’t break the bank, admit that school vouchers are a good idea in most cases, get on board with tax reform and at least admit that it might be possible that social security really is in trouble. You might actually win a few elections if you do that.

What he said.

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megabethcom said...

Very true, but politicans pander to the left and right wing extremists. The whole game reminds me of a white trash television talk show.

The majority of us are in the middle. Apparently it's a boring place to be.