Friday, August 26, 2005

Solving a decades-old mystery

Thank goodness for the Internet.

Today, I finally discovered what the heck Larry Gatlin is singing at the end of the chorus of the song "Love Is Just a Game." For nearly thirty years, I sang the words as "the winners walk out laughing / the losers cry tears again," even though I'd swear that Larry was singing "the losers cry teal again," which makes absolutely no sense.

Maybe heartbreak has something to do with teal. I know I was heartbroken once at having to wear a teal bridesmaids dress, but that's another story entirely. I just couldn't figure out why these poor saps were running through the streets decrying a shade of blue-green. "No! Not teal again! No! No! No!"

Now, the mystery is solved.

The correct lyric is "the losers cry, 'deal again.'" Ah! The game metaphor is thus complete.

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