Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back in the saddle

Hi, folks.

Been awhile since my last post. The GGB is considering in which direction to take her commentary. It is easy to rant, but I am not sure anymore if that is the best use of this slice o' cyberspace.

This occurred to me as I watched coverage of the London bombings and the stunning revelations that many of the men involved in these crimes were natural-born or naturalized British citizens. As you might imagine, I felt several rants coming on and my fingers were itching to get to the computer.

Then I remembered some stories I've read recently about Sudan. Black Christians in the south who previously had been tormented and brutalized by Islamicized (is that a word?) blacks now are helping their former enemies. Now it's the black Muslims who are being turned on by their Arab counterparts, and the black Christians are living out Jesus' command to "love thy enemies."

So ... how do you respond to what happened in London without turning up the heat and extinguishing the light?

One thing I won't do -- I won't morally equivocate and try to explain away or diminish the real evil of boarding a double-decker and detonating yourself and everyone else within striking distance. But how do you love such people?

I have no easy or pat answers. And whatever answers I could give could be too easy anyway since I'm neither the victim nor a family member of a victim of the WOT.

Nevertheless, as I said, simply ranting is easy and cheap. If I'm going to say anything at all, I'd rather it be useful.

In the meanwhile, for those of you who need a laugh, check this out.

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