Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Imagine there's no heaven? No thanks!!

It's these kinds of stories that make you thank -- and question -- God:

Shasta: Duncan Kidnapped, Molested Dylan and Me (Fox News)

Thank God that happened to no kid in my family ... but who would want that to happen to ANY kid?

The atheists say there is no good answer to evil such as this, and therefore there is no God. I do believe in God, but I have no good answers to evil such as this, either. At least, no answers that soothe the soul and brighten the spirit when there are monsters roaming the countryside who devour innocent children.

But I cannot take John Lennon's advice and imagine that there is no heaven, and no religion, too. No, John, I'd prefer to believe there is a heaven where Dylan now is safe in the arms of God and no molester or murderer ever can touch him ... and a hell where an unrepentant child molester and murderer receives justice.

Is it not stories like this that drive home the fact that yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as evil? If we cannot find it in six million Jews murdered or 3,000 executed in burning skyscrapers, can we not find it in the living nightmare of rape and murder committed against children? Can imagination or affirmation or meditation fix that???

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Ike said...

You can't tickle yourself.

God, being all-knowing, cannot experience joy and happiness alone, because he is not surprised.

He can, however, experience it vicariously through us. When we feel, he feels.

If he created perfect people incapable of doing wrong, there would be no good nor evil, no free will... and no feeling.

In all, there are one hell of a lot of good people doing good things. The media only focuses on the bad, because bad things are in fact out of the ordinary.

Cheer up, GGB. The ugly and bad in the world will get their eternal commupance. Hold your kids tight, and make sure they know they're loved. The world needs them to join the ranks of the good.