Thursday, June 30, 2005

White House hypocrisy over Mexican stamp

The White House is criticizing Mexico's issuing a stamp that features a cartoon character that unflatteringly depicts blacks. I wish the White House would worry more about Mexico's outrageous complicity with illegal border-crossers than a silly stamp.

Yeah, the stamp is offensive, but it's really none of our business from an international relations standpoint. However, it is very much our business when Mexico City issues a guide on crossing the border, including illegal crossings!!

Bush needs to stop doing the Macarena with Vincente Fox and dam up the borders. That we have not had a domestic attack since 9/11 is perhaps more due to sheer dumb luck than brilliant foreign policy.

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Ike said...

Much agreement, but I think this is more a function of how slowly the White House responded to the "Mexicans take jobs not even the blacks will do in America" comment Vicente Fox made earlier this year.

That was an unwarranted slap at a significant percentage of my fellow Americans. The stamp thing wouldn't be on the radar if Fox hadn't previously put his foot in his mouth.

I look at it like this: Immigration is a huge issue, but it's ultimately not going to drive voter turnout rates. Bush's agenda certainly had far more to lose politically by ignoring the stamps than it had to gain by addressing it.

Let's hope he maintains enough of that political capital to get some real work done.