Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Veering from the usual politics and religion ...

I'm renting the entire 10-disc series of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century from Netflix. Keep in mind that I was 9 when this series went on the air and probably 11 or 12 the last time I saw an episode. Oh, my, my, my ... the things you pick up a quarter-century later ...

1. A lot of the episode titles sound like porn movie names: "Unchained Woman." "Planet of the Slave Girls." "Planet of the Amazon Women." (I have a feeling that was deliberate.)

2. The show's writers apparently thought music wouldn't develop much in five centuries past disco and Earth, Wind & Fire.

3. Those food discs they eat in the 25th century must contain Cortislim or something. No one except the bad guys have any body fat. Even Dr. Huer looks pretty buff for a dude his age.

4. Gil Gerard's wardrobe is a laugh riot. It's either that white spandex Federation uniform or tunic-and-leggings combos that make him look like a refugee from Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Not to mention that in every other scene, he must show his chest hair or be (practically) naked. Not that I'm complaining.

5. Speaking of which, I still think Gil Gerard is hot.


Anonymous said...

I remember being glued to the television when Buck Rogers was on!

I did not know it was available on Netflix. May have to order a disc or two and see what I think of it now.

Not sure if you knew, but you are being fed on the Birmingham Combloggeration


Briscoe said...

Are we talking original Gil Gerard here or senior citizen Gil Gerard? :)

You still owe me a drink.