Thursday, January 20, 2005

Liveblogging the inauguration

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11:43 EST: George W. has aged noticably but looks lots better than Jimmy Carter did at the end of his first term.

11:44 EST: God bless Justice Rehnquist! And was it an accident that the prayer included portions of the Pledge of Allegiance, including the Newdow-lawsuited "under God" phrase, hm?

11:45 EST: Uh ... where is Ter-AY-zah?

11:50 EST: What is it they say, comparing the number of words in the Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence with the federal guidelines on the sale of cabbage? It's always struck me how elegantly brief the oaths of office are.

11:51 EST: That is an awesome fur coat on the mezzosoprano. (Sorry ... missed her name.) Boy, this is insightful political commentary for ya!

11:57 EST: Mark it, folks. George W. Bush is the prez again.

11:59 EST: Sounds like an enthusiastic crowd as GWB begins his address.

12:00 EST: Years of repose and then the day of fire. "We have seen our vulnerability." GWB is nicely framing the logic for his foreign policy.

Human beings have rights and values because they bear the image of their Maker. GWB invoking the long-forgotten thoughts behind the Declaration of Independence. "Freedom by its nature must be chosen." Excellent.

"The difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it."

This is not the strongest job I've seen GWB do on a speech, and he seems to be waiting for applause, but I like the way he is framing the universal appeal of freedom. "No one desires to live under tyranny."

"Americans of all people should never be surprised by the power of dieals. Eventually the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul. Liberty will come to thsoe who love it."

"The United States will not ignore your oppression or excuse your oppressors." Tall order, GWB. Go for it.

"To serve your people, you must learn to trust them." That goes for the US gov't, too.

"Division among free nations is a primary goal of our enemies."

GWB is firing up now. He's feeling the force of his words.

"Life is fragile and evil is real. And courage triumphs." This is one of the most inspiring addresses I've heard since Reagan. GWB is really calling us to something big.

Now we're getting into domestic policy. This is sounding more like a stump speech now. :-\

I thought GWB started out a little canned, but he got fired up talking about the ideals of freedom and how it has universal appeal because all humans are made in the image of the Creator. This is one of the most memorable speeches I can think of since Reagan’s and JKF’s inaugural speeches.

GWB is truly calling the nation to a higher task. This is so much more refreshing than the usual "government is the answer to all our problems" tripe. GWB is talking about universal, timeless principle and individual character and responsibility. Amen.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

Hmmmm, I didn't notice Ta-ray-za. That's interesting.

What a speech! I've commented more on my blog, but Dear Leader Kim, Boy Assad, Fidel and all kinds of others better be worryin when things go bump in the night after a speech like that.