Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Geek Girl Brunette?

The GGB is fiddling with her hair color again, and I can no longer say I am a true blonde. According to the box of hair color, I am officially "Navajo Bronze." :)

So, do I change the name of this blog? I report, you decide.

UPDATE: I'm not sure what it says about my blog that a post about my hair color has drawn the highest number of comments. :-)


Anonymous said...



El Jefe Maximo said...

The cool thing about this whole blog deal is you get to make the rules. So I'd wait and see if you liked it before changing the blog name...or not, whatever the fancy is. Who cares if it's not consistent ? Is blonde a hair color, or a state of mind ? Besides, differences between hair color and blog nomenclature gives people something to puzzle about.

You could always take the Kentucky Fried Chicken approach -- you know, the change to "KFC?" You could go to GGB if you think marketing warrants it.

Arnold said...

If its the last color I saw, I'd have to say you are pushing the envelope but not there yet. If its darker now then you should just use GGB. Doesn't matter to me since I've been calling you GGB for awhile now.