Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Stun guns in schools, part 2

Dumb quote of the day:

"I think it's ironic that people in expensive shirts and ties who think they are official somebodies feel that the only way to deal with a social problem is another ... high-priced cattle prod."

-- Virginia Volker, Birmingham City Schools board member,
in reaction to the superintendent and police's move to arm school officers with Taser guns

And what would you suggest to deal with out-of-control, violent teenagers, Virginia? In-school suspension? A time out? A dunce cap? Spent any time in the classroom lately? (I'd love to hear what the teachers actually think about this plan.)

Volker also said the plan reminded her of pre-civil rights days when police used cattle prods to intimidate blacks.

There ya go, Virginia. Play the race card, refuse to deal with thugs and contribute to the disintegration of your own community. Somebody give this woman a medal.

Read the whole story here and my Oct. 5 comments here.

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