Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Must-see TV ... Islamic terrorist style

What they didn't tell you about those videos of hostages being beheaded ...

You might think I'm nuts, but I recently attempted a download of the "home movie" of American contract worker Eugene Armstrong being beheaded by the terrorist group "Tawhid and Jihad" (which means "Monotheism and Holy War" -- a detail that news reports often conveniently omit). This is the group headed by Public Enemy No. 1 in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

My buffer clogged up before the main event -- a partial relief. But what got me steaming mad was what I saw before I ever got a glimpse of Zarqawi and his four goons with a pitiful, bound-and-blindfolded Eugene Armstrong keening on the floor.

The video opened up with a nifty animated ID -- Horrorwood's equivalent of Universal Pictures' spinning globe or the 20th Century Fox searchlights. Then you see opening titles. Yes. Opening titles with a soulful Arabic music track underneath.

What is this -- a movie of the week for Al-Jazeera? Believe it or not, Jihad Watch reports that DVDs of the beheadings are hot sellers in Baghdad.

Folks, when you're dealing with people who think beheadings are entertainment, fighting a more "sensitive war" doesn't sound like a good idea, now does it?

BTW, if you think you can handle it, Michael Savage has several of the videos on his Web site.

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