Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Can I get a good, hearty amen?

"School violence toleration" by Walter Williams

Columnist Walter Williams, who happens to be black, hits the nail on the head regarding school violence -- schools are not dealing with the situation, and parents who try to pull their children out of unsafe schools are being punished by the system.

Williams quotes a comprehensive report that indicates that the lion's share of school violence is found at a small percentage of schools, mostly in the inner city. They must have "leaders" like Birmingham school board member Virginia Volker, who cannot wait to play the race card and scare local officials and police out of taking the hard line with thugs and bullies.

But who loses? The minority kids who are locked into out-of-control schools and the teachers and parents who can only stand helplessly by while their communities implode. Read my earlier comments
here and here on this issue.

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