Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun with Wii news, part 2: Astonishing quote of the day

NOTE TO THE READER 1/25/08: A few days after first posting this entry, I considered editing it or taking it down altogether. I still stand by my contentions that Mr. Goddard is being illogical and sanctimonious and his comments merit criticism, but I feel I was graceless in my approach and choice of language. The original post still stands for you, gentle reader, to judge for yourself.

Ya know, I've never been shot.

Which is a good thing.

I suppose being shot changes your life and your outlook on things. Which is why I'm trying not to be too judgmental.

Screw that. I am going to be judgmental because this quote I'm about to share with you is one of the most astonishingly stupid things I've ever read. This is Colin Goddard, who was responding to a gun-rights advocate who told him that he would have stopped the Virginia Tech shooter because he carries. Again, a photo of the Wii:

Well, Colin, I feel sorry for you for being a shooting victim. That sucks. I am glad you are alive.

It also sucks that you apparently expect police and armed civilians like me to defend your sorry butt because it's just TOO MUCH for your enlightened soul to take responsibility for your own safety. And when someone comes along basically offering you protection, you sniff and act like you're superior.

And THAT is what it comes down to, folks. You don't like guns? Don't want them in your house or on your person? FINE. But realize that if a cracked-out rapist is knocking down your door at 3 a.m., you are essentially expecting OTHER PEOPLE to risk their lives while you go hide in the closet.

It's a job that all law enforcement and many civilians are willing to do, but when you act like people who want to protect themselves AND YOU TOO need to be pitied, that we have some sort of mental problem, well, forgive us if we feel inclined to mock your silly ass in a public forum.

Goddard went on to say:

"You're afraid of crazy situations happening."

Damn straight, but I am less afraid knowing that I have the potential to stop a psychotic goblin from killing me and those around me.

"I've lived through this and I know that I can't continue in my life afraid of things."

Congratulations. But "lack of fear" is no protection against hot metal speeding toward you at hundreds of meters per second.

He then went on to add that he puts his "full trust" in police to protect society. Yes, we see how amazingly effective that was against Mr. Cho and his little ballistic friends.

Note to self: Do not send any future offspring to Virginia Tech.

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Hunter said...

As a University of Virginia grad, I learned to discourage attendance at VT, but this wisdom predates the shooting. ;)

I am not sure I would want us to return to wild west ways, where anyone could walk the streets with a gun, but I am glad law abiding citizens have a choice. And let's not forget the gun ownership experiment in Kennesaw, GA.