Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fatwa'ed: Imam sez you can't be nekkid during sex with your spousal unit

Good thing I'm not Muslim:

Leading Islamic Cleric: Nudity During Sex Annuls Marriage (Hat tip: LGF)

But if I were Muslim, this would lead to some interesting questions: Can I wear a hat? How about stillettos? Two Band-Aids and dental floss?

One LGF commenter wondered if there was an online database for fatwas -- they're getting so hard to keep up with. Is there an official Fatwa Report? How about an RSS feed? Perhaps you can sign up for e-mail fatwa alerts to get your fresh fatwas every morning.

Can I issue a fatwa? Do I have to be Muslim? Do I have to fill out an application or something? I've been wanting to issue a fatwa against telemarketers. And Michael Bolton.

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Rich said...

Maybe this is the start of a turn in the demographic tide...

On the other hand, I can see this being used as a convenient reason for divorces (spontaneous annulments, whatever) whenever a guy tires of his marriage: "This harlot revealed herself fully to me! We are no longer bound by marriage!"

Since women only count as 1/6 of a person or thereabouts with regard to being an eyewitness in Sharia-compliant courts, it's an effective "get out of marriage free" card, but only for al-Hubby.