Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oh, you whippersnappers

Columbia University students promoted the free market of ideas yesterday by storming a stage where the founder of the Minutemen was speaking.

Ah, college days.

I remember trying to be a liberal then, too ... as liberal as I could be at a Baptist university, which meant I was still well to the right of the most conservative undergrad at Dartmouth or Harvard.

Liberal ideas such as "No one is ever illegal" (as displayed on a protestor's sign) are nice and cozy ... as long as you don't have to live with the results of your ideas.

I'm comforted with the fact that most of these goofballs will have a change of heart within the next decade as they get out into the world, get married, start a family, get a job, pay taxes and generally interact with the greater society. Until then, I stick to my mantra that college students should generally be ignored.

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Rich said...

Actually, I'm a beliver that they should be disciplined, and thus learn that actions have consequences, but in this case I think the only rule that seems to apply (and it's a dubiously enforcable one) is "don't be a lout, or bigger people than you have just cause in reciprocating."