Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Odds 'n' ends

Rich is now famous. His blog entry on Moleskines has been quoted and linked at Moleskinerie.com. What the heck is a Moleskine? Here ya go.

Yes, I do own a pair of Brain Squeezings thong underwear. Proudly.

It looks like Mountain Dew will not be reincarnating Pitch Black soda for the 2006 Halloween season. And I am sad.

I have consumed an inordinate amount of Mountain Dew over the past two days. I have worked past 7 p.m. the past two days. Coincidence?

Word of the Day, from a commenter at LGF:
Hollowcaust: An inconsequential, trivial matter made to appear important out of proportion to its worth through comparing it with the Holocaust. Its usage usually indicates that the speaker is an a$$hat.

There are 200 days left until my wedding. Feels like 2,000.

There are four days left until my engagement party, and my house is still a Superfund cleanup site.

Did I mention I'd been working late?

I'm craving pizza.

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Briscoe said...

Clearly, I need to make some "Small World Cartoons" thong underwear if hot geek chicks will wear them.