Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gurlz with gunz

There's a TV commercial for Brinks Home Security that makes me want to hurl.

A woman is home alone with her children. An intruder breaks the glass on the back door. The security alarm screams. The intruder high-tails it, woman and children scurry upstairs and receive a comforting phone call from Brinks that "help is on the way." She sputters, "Oh, thank you!" and then -- presumably -- grabs a fresh pair of undies.

In my fantasies, the woman drops her dish rag for a double-barreled rifle and puts a one-way tunnel through the dope's forehead. When Brinks calls, she says, "Yeah. We got it taken care of. But you might want to dispatch someone to clean the sidewalk."

Mary Katherine Ham (TownHall.com) has rounded up some real-life stories about gun-packin' chicks cleaning up the gene pool. You go, gurlz.

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Rich said...

My geek grrl has a .38 in her nightstand, or so I'm told. My kinda woman!