Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carter babels: Sea urchins and the auxiliary humans

Cheap fun again with the online translator at Alta Vista's Babel Fish. I translated Carter's quote below into Japanese and then back into English ... or "Engrish," I should say.

"The basic principle person of christianity possesses the unique relationship with the God which is believed, that and their thoughts being prerequisite of thought and God of God of specific problem. Therefore, with definition, it meaning that they speak because of God, originally by mistake it is anyone whom it does not agree to those it does. And the following step is as follows: The people who are not agreeable with those life are not important the sea urchin, originally being inferior in the extreme case, -- the way the basic principle person of some person in your opposite person who when is in the world -- that it is made the auxiliary human.

"As for another thing basic principle person him himself or her herself being to be sign of the equality where negotiation process itself is meant, it is not to be able come accompanying in order to negotiate with the people whom it does not agree to those. For example and so past fundamental starting from history and there is a policy of the thing which refuses the fact that you speak to someone who is in the mismatch where those which are strong exactly in this management. So these are a kind of thing which causes worry in me. And, naturally, the basic principle person the basic principle person the mistake. Exactly it is impossible and to approve the fact that you can do it is possible to make the mistake which is not believed therefore the time we permitting the agony of the prisoner of Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib."

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