Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blingtherapy and techbrowsing

It's a nasty, insane world out there.

The GGB engaged in some serious retail therapy this week to soothe her agitations. Monday night was "blingtherapy." This involves going to cheap accessory stores such as Claire's or Icing and buying totally unnecessary things that sparkle, like stick-on rhinestones for your cell phone and a pink watch. Girly fun for less than $15.

Last night was "techbrowsing." My sweetie fiancé Rich and I cruised Circuit City and lusted over the new breed of palm-sized, completely portable XM Radio receivers. (We both are XM fanatics.) We finished off the night with a quick trip through World Market, browsing for Zen-esque decorating items, and devoured the city's best sushi at Sumo in Patton Creek.

However, we didn't see anything quite as cool as this: MainGear's Prysma Pyramid PC

Blingtherapy. Techbrowsing. Highly recommended.

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Talia said...

Have you eaten at sekisui in Vestavia yet? I thought *that* was the city's best sushi.