Friday, July 28, 2006

Quote of the Day

"And you look at the table across from you, and a woman is sitting there in too tight low-rise jeans and SERIOUSLY? You can see her entire butt and thong. And I guarantee you what happens next: every girl at your table reaches back to make sure that her own derriere hasn't made a break for it, everyone then quietly wonders if she can't feel the draft, and then everyone can't stop looking at her thong, but not in a hot way. In, like, a 'should I TELL her that her thong is hanging out, or is she doing that on purpose?' kind of way. And then she leaves and everyone is relived [sic]."

Jessica at Go Fug Yourself

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Talia said...

Ah, glad to know someone else is laughing themselves silly at the GFY girls commentary. I think those two are my webheroes!