Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm blogging again! Alert the media!

Geez Louise. No posts since March 4. You'd think I was involved with a man or something ....

Oh! I am. Yes, folks, "R" is still VERY much in the picture. I was even in Pennsylvania over the Easter weekend to visit R's parents and sundry relatives and friends. This is the first time I've ever plunked down money for airfare to meet a boyfriend's progenitors, so mark this one down as a Big Deal. We are not formally and officially engaged, but there is talk of bling, and I've already sent him some JPEGs of particularly desirable bling. :)

I speculate that a generally happy life leads to less blogging. I am having a harder time getting cranky about Iraq or Hillary Clinton or the immigration issue -- although that last one can give me a headache-and-a-half if I think about it too much. In fact, lately the biggest thing I get worked up over is why American Idol's Kellie Pickler insists on being such a ditz.

(Yes, folks. During my horrendous case of sinusitis in February, Fox was the only TV channel I could pick up clearly in my old bedroom back at the parents' house. AI sucked me in like a wind tunnel and I haven't been able to reach escape velocity. Even R and I watch the shows together. Taylor Hicks' spasmodic rendition of "Takin' It To The Streets" had us crying in hysterics. Good bonding time.)

Would the GGB readers like to know who "R" is? He has a blog himself, ya know. Perhaps it's time for the reveal. :)


R said...

I think he sounds dreamy.


Geek Girl Blonde said...

Well, you would! :)

Ike said...

Do share.