Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I knew this was going to happen

Our president attends the funeral of a leading citizen and is shat upon by a Jesse Jackson wannabee and the lousiest president ever to (dis)grace the White House.

Drudge has details. The look on Laura Bush's face is priceless. She looks like she's dying to bitchslap the "Reverend" Joseph Lowery, and I admire her restraint.

All I can say is I am old enough to remember the Carter years even though I was six when he took office. I still remember the evening news marking yet another day that our citizens were held hostage in Iran. The disastrous rescue mission. The soaring inflation. Double-digit unemployment. And Ronnie Reagan kicking Jimmy Carter's booty all over the electoral college map in 1980. (Carter won only two states: Georgia and Hawaii.)

Carter couldn't effectively lead a Rotary Club meeting, much less a nation, and he has the audacity to bash the president ... at a funeral ... as a former president. Hideous. Disgusting. I guess he deep down realizes what a lame excuse for a chief executive he was and how he damn near ruined this country and he's practicing a little projection. Only reason he got elected to begin with was because of the taint of the Nixon administration on Gerald Ford.

If I ever had any doubt that Carter is pathetic, I don't now.

All right. I've got to stop getting all twisted like this. I've got to get back to blogging gadgets. Y'all have a great afternoon.


R said...

I suppose I should feel good that I continue to find ways to be surprised by the crassness of the Left.

It might mean I'm not yet too jaded to react.


we saw that... said...

carter might have had the hostage incident but what do you say to day 1,056 of shrubs illegal and immoral war against iraq? not to mention over 2000 american servicemen and women killed all for nothing.
carter might have "near ruined this country" but shrub has ruined this country and thats a fact.

R said...

I'm gonna have to beg to differ on this one, lurgis. I hardly expect to change your mind on such fiddly things as what you appear to call facts, but I'll just post some rebuttals here for balance's sake.

Illegal? Hardly, unless you discount Congress's permission to use all means necessary, AND the UN resolution granting the same.

Immoral? Again, hardly. I'd say that toppling a vicious dictator, freeing millions of oppressed Iraqis, establishing a bulwark of democracy in the center of the Middle East, and keeping the attention of the world's terrorists off vulnerable soil and occupied with the hardest-fighting armed forces in the world is pretty moral behavior.

And "killed all for nothing" would be pretty insulting to me if I were a serviceman or -woman in Iraq and seeing firsthand how I was changing lives for the better and ensuring better futures for millions of people at a time.

Three strikes and you're out, lurgis. Go back to Daily Kos with this stuff.


PS. If unemployment under 5% and two strict-constructionist judges appointed is ruining the country I hope we Republicans get to ruin it some more. I guess that makes four strikes--have a freebie!

And they say conservatives never give back to the little guy...

Geek Girl Blonde said...


Excuses, excuses.

I don't care if Jimmy Carter thinks that George Bush is an alien from the planet X here to plant mind control devices in everyone's bellybuttons, a funeral is the wrong place and the wrong time to take potshots at your political opponents. Not to mention that with Carter's own nation-running record, he looks like a fool.

Sorry -- even if you think Bush is an awful president, saying that excuses Carter's lack of statemanship is kindergarten logic.