Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You guys are no fun

The venerable Somali movie industry took a hit this week:

Somali Islamic militias raid movie studio (CNN)

"The courts consider watching movies, listening to music, dancing and many other forms of entertainment un-Islamic."

Some have noted that fundamentalists of all stripes tend to have a problem with fun. ;) But before we lump the Somali movie critics in with the Amish, let's not forget one important distinction: Christian fundamentalists generally burn their own books, movies and CDs. Islamic fundamentalists burn other people's property and other people while they're at it. (Cue tape of the bombing in Bali.)

Some would argue it's only a matter of degree, but it'd be interesting to ask Hollywood: Who would you rather have criticizing your films, Jerry Falwell or the Somali militia?

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