Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oklahoma "suicide bombing"

The blogosophere is abuzz about Saturday evening's "apparent" suicide-by-explosives 100 yards outside the OU football stadium where 84,000 fans were gathered. The intrepid Michelle Malkin is covering the story.

The victim in question is a 21-year-old engineering major named Joel Henry Hinrichs. Not exactly the moniker of a suicide bomber, but it begs the question: Did he intend to take some Sooner fans with him but his timer wasn't working?

Nutjob or would-be suicide bomber, no one knows, but this is one story that bears following.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

I live in Houston, and I go to my share of professional sports events...and I am always, always very nervous lining up to go through the metal detectors to enter the stadium.

Suicide bombers are coming to this side of the pond, I have been astonished it has not happened already. The enemy's best weapons against us are low tech; there are no shortage of volunteers for this murderous business, and malls, restaurants and stadiums, plus the public's absolute unconsciousness about this threat provides a target-rich environment.