Thursday, October 06, 2005

OK bomber update

News organizations in Oklahoma are uncovering fairly clear indications that Joel Henry Hinrichs III, the 21-year-old who detonated himself outside a Sooners football game Saturday, could have been a wannabe jihadist. He had a cache of explosives in his apartment and apparent conncections to the local Muslim community ... not to mention a hideous beard.

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A good place to start on continuing updates would be Michelle Malkin's coverage of this goon.

As you can tell, this story is getting me cranky. Leaves me in a right awkward position, too, regarding my religion, which says: "Love your enemies."

Right now, I can honestly say I despise this guy and I despise people who want to blow up discos and pizza joints and airliners. And, by extension, I'm becoming suspicious of anyone who is Muslim.

No, I'm not even considering violent or hateful action toward anyone who is Muslim. I know a few Muslims who I like very much. One in particular comes to mind. Amiable guy. Gives me the Arab double-cheek-kiss whenever I see him.

But I also know he treats his wife like doo-doo.

It's crap like that -- from treating women like property to blowing yourself up outside a football stadium -- that makes me want to say, "Will you guys just get with the 21st century or LEAVE???" In fact, forget the 21st century thing. Just leave. Go. Get out of my country and go be uncivilized somewhere else.

I guess there is nothing redemptive about ultimatums, and I don't have any good answers to "WWJD?" But the command to "love your enemies" is something I'm having a real hard time with. I could love them better if I didn't have to deal with them. And I guess that's the point.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

"Love your enemies." Just so, but it does not make them not your enemies. Of all the teachings of Jesus, I have always found turning the other cheek to be the most difficult to comprehend and abide by.

As for what we are going to do about lunatics like Mr. OK, I haven't a clue. I become nervous as a cat now outside of stadiums, queueing up to go through security. As for Muslims in the modern world...seems like a fellow named Barber wrote an article for the Atlantic 10-15 years ago called something like "Jihad vs. McWorld" -- portraying the whole urge to go on jihad as possibly the last gasp of traditional pre-industrial society against globalization. Ultimately globalization, boring culturally as it is, (seems like Barber thought), would win.

For another view, have a look at the blurb for a book called "Why the Rest Hates The West" on