Friday, October 07, 2005

The Borg-ization of America

Lately, I've been seeing people walk around with these wireless headsets like this:

"Hi ... I'm Bob, and I look like a complete dork."

I'm not talking about wearing them at their desks or while driving a car, I'm talking about in and out of elevators, walking down the street, taking a smoke break -- when they're not actually on the phone.

The GGB is a passionate technophile, but I draw the line at having gizmos attached to my head unless absolutely necessary. I had enough of gizmos attached to my head during second grade when I had to wear an orthodontic headgear to correct a vicious overbite. (The photo below is not me but it gives you an idea of what it's like walking around with enough metal on your head and face to contact Mars.)

I'm afraid that if this trend is allowed to continue, we'll all look like this in seven or eight years:

Only Patrick Stewart could make Borg-ization sexy.

So, please, folks, for the love of aesthetics and your own social life, get the gizmos out of your ears and look like a real member of the human race. Walking around with those headsets just looks stupid, m'kay?

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