Monday, June 13, 2005

Jacko verdict

::::: eyes rolling :::::::

He's bad, I know it.

UPDATE: To the person holding the "repent" sign -- I agree with your sentiments, but please, put down the poster board. You make us (Xians) all look silly.

UPDATE II: Watching him walk out of the courtroom, I think Jackson is on Xanax and ludes.

UPDATE III: If the verdict had been guilty, just what would that woman have done with the doves???

Folks, I have to admit, this is our legal system working properly, so to speak. They had no direct evidence and the accusers seriously lacked credibility.

However, our society is NOT working properly when a man who sleeps with underage children is venerated by screaming throngs.

God help us.

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Anonymous said...

In the best of worlds, we wouldn't have parents pimping thier children to creeps like this in hopes of scoring some huge payoff.

I think something happened here but the DA's office was stuck prosecuting for the wrong victim. . . .with the worst possible family. The defense just played the cards dealt.