Monday, May 23, 2005

I wanna be an ad exec

Hey! I've got a great new concept for the next big pharmaceutical advertising campaign:

Have attractive, healthy-looking, upper-middle-class people talk about what a load of crap their lives were before taking ritavectinagra. Show shots of them limping on the playground with their grandkids, barfing into a toilet, having entire limbs fall off, stuff like that. Cut to cool graphics of ritavectinagra entering the bloodstream and making limbs grow back. Cut to peppy music and shots of people hauling surf boards into tsunamis and biking up the side of Mt. Everest. Be sure to include speedy rundown of side effects, which include nausea, hair loss, pimples, ingrown toenails, hives, impotence, major organ failure and coma.

Oh ... what? It's been done already? Shoot.

1 comment:

Zaron3d said...

I read that fast and thought it said "I wanna be a sex addict". Now you know where Rush's mind is.