Tuesday, February 01, 2005


"Can a song be 'of God' and still be terrible? Can a movie be 'of God' and be poorly written and poorly acted? These are silly questions, since we all know that if 'of God' means intended to honor God, then all kinds of homely results are acceptable. But if by 'of God' we mean, 'this is from God and can't be criticized,' then I am going to yell 'Manipulation!'"

-- The Internet Monk

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El Jefe Maximo said...

All such songs, films, poems, stories, etc., although "of God" and intended to honor and glorify God and in some way from God are still interpreted and set to paper, music or whatever by humans.

Humans, not being God, are not perfect, and fall short of God and are apt to mis-interpret. So, I'd say that certainly, songs, stories, etc created by humans, but still "of God" can be terrible, poorly written or poorly acted. The fact that they honor God is good, and laudable but they may still fail on an aesthetic or intellectual level -- because that's the human part of the composition.