Monday, January 17, 2005

This is an anti-anti-PC retaliation/revenge post

A Jersey City, N.J., family of Coptic Christians has been found murdered, and although robbery has been bandied about as the motive, many suspect that the family was targeted by Muslims because Hossam Armanious, the head of the family, had traded angry barbs with Muslims on a Web forum.

I don't have Mr. Armanious' comments in front of me, nor do I have the police reports, but as you can imagine, I have my suspicions along with the rest of the Coptic Christian community. But what struck me is the tortured way an NYC police detective on Fox News (didn't catch his name) just described the possible nature of this "hate crime":

"an anti-Muslim retaliation/revenge killing"

Here's what the NY Post said:

"We have proof of robbery at this point," said a source who labeled everything else as speculative, including concerns that Armanious was killed in bitter revenge for anti-Muslim statements attributed to him in an online forum."

Oh, I see. The crime's root factor was anti-Muslim sentiment, not anti-Christian sentiment. If only Mr. Armanious had played nice-nice, everything would be OK.

I guarantee you if the situation were reversed, you wouldn't hear goofy terms like "anti-Christian retaliation/revenge crime." It would be played as an anti-Muslim hate crime, plain and simple.

Stay tuned, folks. Hossam Armanious could be our Theo Van Gogh.

UPDATE: Some sense from a friend of the slain family:

"This was a terrorist attack," said Amgad Zakhari, 32, a real estate investor who has known the Armanious family since their arrival in the United States. "It was to make an example of Egyptian Christians, to silence them. It has to be a religious motivation."

(Hat tip: Michelle Mallkin)

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