Monday, January 31, 2005

A few questions for you Jacko fans

I just want to know a few things about the throng of Michael Jackson fans who greeted him at the courtoom today:

1. It's Monday, presumably during regular business hours. Why are you (A) not at your job or (B) not in school?

2. If (A), how old are you, and are you still living with your parents?

3. If (B), where are your parents?

Any full-grown adult who turned out to cheer on this creep -- or any adult who let their kid cheer on this creep -- oughtta be locked up, too. Sheesh.

1 comment:

Arnold said...

While I am not in any Michael Jackson throng, I can see Michael Jackson as being innocent albeit extremely different and even extremely weird.

His story of loving children and wanting to help them could be plausible. Many of the rumors involved with Jacko seem to be very spurious.

Certainly there is evidence that his judgement isn't the best and has at times been extremely poor, but that does not make him a child molester.
If guilty I hope he gets his just desserts and if innocent I hope he can escape the stigma to his name.