Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Remembering hell

Through a series of jumps through cyberspace today, I found myself at several sites devoted to the memory of the Holocaust and the horror of the death camps, particularly the notorious Auschwitz where the majority of Hitler's victims met their last days.

I hope I never get "used" to such sights.

The next natural questions were "how" and "why," to which humanity may never have a final and satisfying answer. Nevertheless, even a cursory study of the monster who was Adolf Hitler and the moral implosion of Nazi Germany should make us think before "never again" becomes "oh no, not again."

Not only that, an honest study of the rise of the Reich should give us a lesson in intellectual honesty. The imbecilic comparisons between Bush and Hitler are so ridiculous they would be comical if they weren't so obscene. If you haven't read anything about Hitler since 10th grade, go right now and Google on "Adolf Hitler."

Take a look at the photos of bodies piled like trash in Auschwitz and the horrifically emaciated bodies of camp prisoners. Read about Hitler's politics and philosophy, about his seething hatred toward the Jews, who he blamed for every conceivable problem on earth, his personal orders to exterminate SIX MILLION PEOPLE through gassing, starvation, torture and burning, and tell me if any U.S. leader approaches his level of depravity. As much as I don't like him and think he's dangerous, I wouldn't dare accuse John Kerry of being capable of or willing to commit such depravity and evil.

"But innocent children in Iraq have died, too."

You're not paying attention, are you? Go look ... GO LOOK. Which world leaders have targeted entire groups based on their religion or ethnicity alone? Which have sought out civilians and women and children for systematic extinction? Which have used the most barbaric and gruesome methods of torture and death imaginable against civilian populations?

Osama bin Laden ... 3,000 dead in the World Trade Center Towers ... blames the West and capitalism for the failings of his own society ...

Saddam Hussein ... employed rape rooms and torture of children ... disposed of dissidents in industrial shredders ...

Kim Jong Il ... persecutes the Christian Hmong minority with relentless pursuit, so much so that North Korea is declared the most dangerous place on earth to be a Christian ... 300,000 believers have "disappeared"

Now you tell me who the real "Hitler" is.

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El Jefe Maximo said...

This is an excellent post. Whatever their political philosophy, people who compare Bush to Hitler or who actually believe that a dictatorship exists presently in the US are generally historically illiterate anyway.

I have this nagging suspicion that the very same people who shout loudest about "Bush = Hitler" and pooh-pooh Bin Laden and Saddam's crimes because it is trendy and cool in certain circles so to do would be among the people cheering the dictator the loudest if a REAL dictatorship ever appeared here. Liked your blog, please have a look at mine sometime.