Thursday, December 09, 2004


"... the school's chief administrator, far from erecting a wall of separation between church and state, has put up an even more impervious wall of separation between students and knowledge."

-- Tony Snow in a column discussing the case of Williams v. Cupertino, in which a high school teacher has been banned from distributing historical documents that reference God, including the Declaration of Independence (see column here)

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Joe said...

I have to agree, one of my biggest gripes with the Seperation clause of the Constitution is that it's being used as a sword instead of a shield. Instead of using the clause to shield the populace from the government enforcing a state religion the clause is being used as a sword to systematically remove religion from the public eye. As I've said repeatedly in discussions about the difference between educating children on religion and religious education, "Freedom of religion is not freedom from religion." You can choose to be non-religious but that does not mean that you have the right to live a life free from religious ideals.

On a side note, when did the town hall Christmas tree translate into enforcing a state religion?