Saturday, November 13, 2004


Sorry for the long blog-break. I think the entire blogosphere has post-election fatigue.

Big news from Friday besides the takeback of Fallujah ... it seems that finally, justice has come home for Laci Peterson and her baby boy, Conner.

I wasn't surprised that the jury took so long to convict, and I wouldn't have been surprised if there'd been a hung jury. Besides a paucity of direct evidence, this was the crime that no one wanted to believe could happen.

Why did the media focus on Laci and not other, equally valuable young mothers who met horrible deaths? Why was Scott's apparent guilt so hard to swallow? Answer: The Scott and Laci tragedy smacks the fairytale princess stories square in the face.

Scott and Laci -- young, tanned and beautiful -- were the golden couple. The ugliness of the world isn't supposed to touch people like that. If I understand my toothpaste and deodorant ads correctly, I'm supposed to enjoy fabulous wealth, plenty of good sex, loads of entertainment and a happy and abundant life if I'm just beautiful. How could anyone ... anywhere ... destroy a creature that gorgeous.

That's the sad news, folks. It ain't that simple. If anything, maybe our culture has elevated beauty and youth to a point so that those who possess it really believe they create their own make-believe world where everything belongs to them. They become God, and if history teaches us anything, we make really lousy Gods.

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