Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A conversation with a Kerry supporter

Sorry for the degeneration into gutter language in my Oct. 29 and Nov. 1 posts. OBL makes me madder than a wet cat.

Anyway ... had an Election Eve conversation with a coworker who is supporting Kerry. If I lived in a battleground state (Alabama is solidly Bush Country), I might have given her my best pro-GOP sell.

However, in the spirit of charity, I listened to her concerns about Bush's handling of Iraq and shared my own. It all comes down to your presuppositions about the nature of war, geopolitics, the threat of Islamofascism and the lessons of history. Based on her presuppositions, she's correct to support Kerry, and ditto for my support for Bush.

I also noticed a distinct generational and life-phase gap: She's a Boomer mother of two teenaged boys and fears a draft; I'm a Generation X-er who came of age in the Reagan era and watched us handily win the Persian Gulf War with Bush 41.

I'm not arguing relativism here. I'm just saying that there are Kerry supporters who are not unhinged, rabid agitators like Michael Moore -- they're our friends, family and colleagues who have legitimate concerns about the future of our nation.

But like I said ... if this were Ohio or Florida, I would have given it my best shot. :)

Let God and history judge us now.

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