Friday, October 08, 2004

When doves cry

More inanity from pop music has-beens.

Prince, the artist formerly known as someone who actually was entertaining, has released a
video titled "Cinnamon Girl," which depicts a young Middle Eastern woman who, after being taunted by her ignorant cracker classmates, decides that her only recourse is to blow herself to smithereens in an airport terminal rather than do something constructive, like go on the Montel Williams Show.

Maybe those purple pants are too tight and have cut off circulation to his noggin.

Arab-Americans should find this offensive. Prince's implicit assumption is that they are so psychologically warped that the slightest provocation will turn them into homicidal maniacs.

Your humble correspondent attempted to download this fine piece of videographic art, but alas, my computer does not like the AOL Media Player.

Nevertheless, you can read all about it in the
Detroit Free Press. Is it just me, or is their choice of headline telling? "Prince releases controversial music video depicting discrimination of Arab Americans" is much less scorching and much more PC than "Prince releases controversial music video depicting heartless, cold-blooded murder of innocent airline travelers."

However, the syntax should be "discrimination against Arab Americans." The phrase "discrimination of Arab Americans" implies that the Arab Americans are the ones doing the discriminating. Hmmm.

Props to Michelle Malkin for breaking this news to the blogosphere.

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