Saturday, October 23, 2004

THK: Nothing's sacred

I know everyone's read by now what Teresa Heinz Kerry said about First Lady Laura Bush's never having had a "real job."

The blogosphere immediately dispatched the knuckle-rapping that THK so richly deserved, and one would hope that she got privately thwacked by the DNC for being such a dipstick.

But let's take a second look at this "job" analogy. Should defenders of truth, justice and the American way be talking about what a real "job" motherhood is? I don't think so.

Gloria Steinem and her ilk hijacked the debate when they said motherhood was basically the conjugal version of so many minimum-wage jobs. A mom was a cook, maid and nanny, and she didn't even get overtime pay! In other words, motherhood was purely an economic transaction but without the paycheck.

Baloney. And we're piling on the mustard for a big, fat baloney sandwich when we start talking about moms being "CEOs of the household."

Motherhood is not a job. It is a relationship. For the love of God, it is a sacred calling.

For a child, the woman is the first contact to reality. She is the first embodiment of what is love and what is truth. For the first few years, the universe is called "Mother" (and, if the child is lucky, "Father," too.) How well a woman handles that sacred calling will be a huge factor in how well that child handles the totality of his or her life.

This is so much bigger and more transcendent than just a "job." There is nothing like it in the world of commerce, and it cannot be outsourced.

This is why I find THK's comments so stunning. She is a mother herself, so she should be praising the fact that Laura Bush answered the sacred call along with having a real job as a teacher and librarian.

But I shouldn't be surprised. The Left has told women for years that motherhood should be outsourced while women follow the sacred call of Self.

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